Project Documentation

My poem was Penelope. It felt kinda whimsical, and kind of surreal, yet playful.

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I then made a mind map. I’ll post pics here for now as proof, but the pictures were crappy, so I’m gonna put up a better one later on today

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You can just barely see the pen writing on the cards. Again, I’ll post better pics soon.

Here were my categories.

Objects: Hades, Funland, Leaning Tower, Castle

Food: Pancakes

Wonderland/Fantasy: Alice, Trickster, Pun, Stage

Concepts: Nonsense, Self, Consciousness

Adjectives: Touchy, Tricky, All-seeing, Unlucky in Love

Feeling: Love, Loathing

Old-timey: Virgin, Fairy Tale, Classic, Victorian

From this, I decided to create a surreal, whimsical world. My space is literally topsy turvy, and there are weird shapes everywhere, as well as fog.

Here’s the mood board:

Here’s a pic of my project. I wanted a weird, surreal world. It’s simple, but whimsical in a way.



Project 2: Different Lens.

This project was a redo of the last project. I used a mainly visual lens last time, which would be completely inacessible to someone without eyesight. I decided to change it to an audio reading, while keeping the theme of an educational work on the eye. This way, a blind person could enjoy this as well.